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Two Foodie Mags That Caught My Eye

Food Network Magazine

I love to read about food. I don’t subscribe to many magazines, but I often pick up issues at bookstores. If I think there’s a lot of neat stuff inside I’ll buy a copy.

That happened to me recently with two magazines: The new Food Network Magazine, and the current copy of Every Day with Rachel Ray. I thought you might like to hear about these mags, chock-full of news, recipes and info about our favorite shared topic, food!

I’m not really going to compare them to see which one wins. Rather, I’ll do some digging and contrasting, and you can decide which appeals more to you (if any do). Let’s start with the newer glossy, the Food Network Magazine.

Of course they put on the dog for the Premiere Issue. I liked the two pages of “thumbnails” of the recipes inside; I could drool early! There are great trivia-level items, like “You Asked…” (micro-interview w/ TV Chefs) and “15 Things You Need to Know This Month.” Cookbooks; a flowchart called “The Daily Grind” that leads you, maze-like, to one of five coffee machines to consider for Christmas.

And of course, beautiful spreads on everything from Tyler Florence‘s new kitchen to Secrets of Iron Chef.

Frankly, I’m hooked. And there’s a 62% savings offer if I subscribe over the Web. Hmmm; “Honey, where’s the credit card?”

Every Day

Who doesn’t like Rachel Ray? Okay, okay; I wasn’t looking for a show of hands! (And you in the back there, that automatic weapon was completely uncalled for.) You either like her or you don’t. Really don’t, in some cases. But give her what she’s due, she’s worked her way up from a traveling food demonstrator making $50 a week (and no expenses!) to $16 million last year. You should be so lucky!

Luck’s got little to do with it in Rachel’s case. She sometimes appear a little flighty on TV, but this woman’s a marketing powerhouse. And her relatively new magazine is all part of the growing empire.

That said, I think Every Day with Rachel Ray is one of the best values on the magazine rack. Nearly 200 pages (November issue) of food, fun, information and beautiful food pics. It’s the only kind of soft porn my wife lets me read! If it were any bigger or jam-packed (get it? Jam? I crack me up.) it’d have to be a fashion magazine.

The current volume covers a lot of Holiday cooking, of course. And what to do with the leftovers. With some ideas for sports snacks as well. But Rachel doesn’t stop there! She includes a nice selection of Holiday vacations you can consider. (Rachel likes to travel herself, you see.) Equipment reviews, simplifying Thanksgiving, family dinners for less than $10, and more…

Of course, Rachel’s has to have plenty of 30-Minute Meal stuff. Gotta dance with who brung ya, and that TV show helped launch Rachel on her current career trajectory. She seems bent on catching up to Oprah as a multi-millionaire female media mogul. (I’m not betting against her.)

There are recipe card inserts, a removable meal planner and much more in this feature-packed periodical. Only thing missing is the bikini-clad sous chefs! (Sorry, Tom.) Maybe I should “double down” and subscribe to this mag too.

These two mags are great in their own unique ways. I like the style and content of both, and there are certainly a lot of recipes and food ideas in each one. I think Rachel’s offering has more total recipes, but either one will put you in ingredient overload if you try to finish them in one sitting…

Enjoy the (Printed Foodie Fanzine) Heat!


2 comments to Two Foodie Mags That Caught My Eye

  • Hi there,

    Found you through NaBloPoMo…I didn’t know there *was* a Food Network magazine, I’ll have to find it. We love the Food Network around here. Thanks for the tip!

    Rachael’s magazine always looks nice but I find that a lot of times my kids won’t eat her recipes. But maybe I’ll check out this issue anyway.


  • sari,

    Thanks for the comment! (Your site is nice, btw.) Are you enjoying NaBloPoMo? It’s a “must” for me.

    I used to be a Food Network junkie; now I’m a blog addict. [grin] I think the recipes in FNM are more to my liking. Good luck on getting the kids to eat stuff! Our daughter’s off to college, so she has to make her own eating decisions now, thank goodness…