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Eat Your Veggies: Brussels Sprouts So Good Even Kids Like Them

Brussels SproutsKids don’t like them, usually. Even Presidents don’t like them. They’re so unpopular that it only takes 300 acres of them to supply the whole USA’s demand for half a year.

The Brits eat them, when they can’t get peas. A pundit once opined, “The English have only three vegetables, and two of them are cabbage.” P. J. O’Rourke pointed out the problem with these miniature cabbages: “If you let fruit rot, it turns into wine, something which Brussels Sprouts never do.”

In families around the planet, getting the kids to eat their Brussels Sprouts is a lot like tickling a wildcat with a vibrating backscratcher. The results are seldom satisfactory.

Well, fear no more! Make this dish and you’ll never worry again that the little terrors hellions nippers won’t clean their plates:

Of course, everything tastes better with bacon. Adding the crunchy, earthy flavor of chestnuts somehow melds the flavors together and makes this dish taste Soooo Good!

If you want these green globes of goodness to be spicier, add some more pepper flakes. Or sliver up half of a red Serrano chile and sprinkle on when you cook them.

If you still don’t like the flavor, add some butter. If that doesn’t work, I can’t help you. Really.

Q: What’s green and goes to summer camp?

A. A Brussels Scout…

Enjoy the (Bacony Green) Heat!


2 comments to Eat Your Veggies: Brussels Sprouts So Good Even Kids Like Them

  • Just yesterday, I was at one of the Vietnamese-run fruit and vegetable shops here in Prague and eyed a mound of brussel sprouts. The first words out of my mouth, “mmm, brussel sprouts.” If they are fresh, I like ’em as is, maybe with a wee bit of butter, salt and pepper.

    I guess I’ll never be President.

  • Daniel, great to hear from you! I hope your travels are going well. I’m a big fan, as you’ll see in a few days…

    I used to go out to the garden in an evening (when I was a student in Salt Lake City) and knock the snow off a stalk and cut fresh sprouts into a pot, then steam them with some herb seasonings. I’d dab with butter, sit in front of the fire, and think things couldn’t ever get any better.

    I’m planning on Prague when I next visit Europe. Have been trying to get there since 1981; closest I’ve gotten is Vienna. But next time…