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Spicy Steak: Tenderloin with Poblano Cream Sauce


Tenderloin steak is the queen of beef, in my opinion. (Sirloin is king, for me.) Every now and again I get a huge hankering for tenderloin on the grill.

Problem is, it’s always the same: Marinate, wrap with bacon, season and scorch. That’s it. Meat the Real Man way, minus the stick. Boring.

I won’t ever have that problem again, now that I’ve found this recipe:

The whole thing starts out pretty much the same as before, although there’s no bacon involved. (Trust me, I nearly gave up early on this recipe, when they told me I wouldn’t get bacon. I’m glad they talked me down off the ledge this time.)

You don’t have to marinate the steak either! That saves some time, if you’re in a hurry. Or you can soak the steaks in your favorite food flavoring combo as per usual; it won’t hurt a thing.

Here’s a work-saver for the future: Roast several Poblanos at once, and freeze the extras after you clean them up. Or even easier: Buy roasted Poblano at your specialty grocery. For that matter, you can use Anaheims or hot Hatch chiles

Enjoy the (Creamy Poblano) Heat!


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