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Food BOM for November: The Uncornered Market

Uncornered Market

I like to travel, I love beautiful photography and excellent writing, and I simply must have good food (and information about same).

This month’s Food BOM winner meets all those elements. No, let me correct myself: The Uncornered Market exceeds all those needs. By a long ways!

The Uncornered Market has a novel premise. The site owners, Audrey Scott and Daniel Noll, are walking around the world. Experiencing everything they can. So far, they’re way past 19 million steps on their trek, which is more than 707 days (almosttwo years!) in the making. They’re almost halfway through, at the moment.

They’re also thousands of pictures, stories and memories down the road as well.

What drew me to the site is a recent series of articles elucidating food and eating in China. So many myths, so little time! Audrey and Daniel do such a fine job, though, that at the end you just want to hop a plane and go get some authentic Chinese grub! (No, I didn’t say grubs.) I’d fly, I can’t walk that far; you know how it is, with this bad back and trick knee and all. Besides, I can’t wait that long…

The pictures are amazing. The food descriptions make my hunger gland ache. And the stories make me want to cry, they’re written so well. I’d point out some favorites, but every time I read a new story it immediately becomes my favorite.

So go read and enjoy. For sure I’ll be checking in to see how these world travelers are faring (and what fare they’re eating)…

Enjoy the (Zesty Traveling) Heat!


2 comments to Food BOM for November: The Uncornered Market

  • Thank you. Audrey and I are truly flattered. We’ll do our best to live up to you your very kind words. We’ll continue to cover the best bites from our travels, including Burmese cuisine and an Indian cuisine roundup series in the next few weeks.

  • Daniel and Audrey, your site is one of a small fraction that show the heights that all Webloggers should aspire to. I hope to grow up someday and be like Uncornered Market!

    In the meantime, keep up the safe travels, fine writing and wonderful food (and other) pictures!