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F4F: Tom Yam Soup Your Way

Tom Yam Soup

This is the last Fish 4 Friday before Turkey Day hits us in the beltline. With cold weather now affecting most of us (in North America, at least), I decided to take us back to the Tropics with a healthful, spicy dish that also fills our craving for soup:

This is a favorite of mine, and I even frequent some Asian restaurants in the area mainly because they fix such nice versions daily for their lunch buffet lines. This dish can be fixed as zesty as you like, and it really is “Your Way” for this recipe. You want shrimp? No problem! Fish? That too. Prefer chicken? Works for me. Got leftover pork chops? Slice them thin and dump them in, you can’t hurt this meal.

So even if you don’t want Fish for Friday, you can enjoy this recipe!

Serve with crispy egg rolls or Vietnamese spring rolls and some hot tea and you’ll not only fill your tummy, you’ll soothe your soul. Not to mention keeping calories down as you starve yourself train for next week! Gotta start controlling early or your bathroom scale will be saying “No livestock, please!” in a few weeks…

Enjoy the (Spicy Thai Soup) Heat!

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