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Before Thanksgiving: Appetizers for Football and Bribes


Thanksgiving‘s just around the corner, so to speak. Today’s the last day of the college football season for some teams, and that’s a more pressing issue for most of us. Almost no football left!

What to serve to the screaming hordes who are coming over to watch the game on your 112-inch flat-screen plasma TV? (You didn’t think they came to see You, did you. Really.) Well, I’ve got a couple of ideas:

It’s not New Year’s yet, you say. Congrats on your keen powers of observation. Here’s your chance, though, to practice your entertainment food prep skills while making something that can be used more than once in the next few days! And exploited again at the end of the year. What else do you have that’s so versatile?

Yes, this dip is so good that you can serve it (by the half-ton) today, and nobody will complain when you serve it again on Thursday morning to keep them out from under foot while you get the turkey and trimmings ready.

The Chile Relleno Cigars are easy to make as well. Don’t expect any leftovers for Thursday, though; you’ll need to prepare new batches for then! Fortunately, both of these snacks can be made well in advance, then finished in just a few minutes when you need to keep the gadflies away…

Enjoy the (Football Snack) Heat!

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