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Before Thanksgiving: Brisket Replaces Turkey!


I’m a big fan of traditional meats at Thanksgiving. But possum and coon are getting scarce, even here in central Texas; dove and quail weren’t plentiful due to the drought; and my brother hasn’t been headlighting deer hunting enough to share. So I have moved to a more avant-guarddog kind of protein:

I wrote this one up so that non-Texans can cook it. Of course, down here I’m going to smoke it or barbeque it, like a Real Man should. And I’ll probably get a bit crazy with the spices and jalapeƱos, like I always do. Beautiful thing about brisket is, it can handle all that.

The trick is to not let the meat get dry. Dry brisket is so tough you can drive nails with it, and that’s not Good Grub. So don’t rush it, and don’t let it go dry! The recipe only calls for one bottle of beer out of your whole case, so maybe you should consider sharing just a bit; you don’t really need the calories anyways…

Enjoy the (Turkey Substitute) Heat!

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