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Best Wishes for Turkey Day From the Chile Underground

Thanksgiving Feast

Today is one of our Great Holidays in America. Friends and family gather and share traditions and memories. For some, it’s all about socializing and catching up: Where you’ve been, how’s the job, and more. For others it’s about the football and the food, or the board and card games after the feast.

Take a moment to reflect on the name of this holiday. It’s THANKSGiving, not FEASTGiving. Unfortunately, this year it will be all too easy to get lost in the gloom of a rogue economy, uncertain futures and more. Fight that urge! You’re stronger than your troubles.

Ponder not what we’ve lost, but what we have, what we are, and what we can yet become. Remember that other generationss have gone through these kinds of events, even worse ones, and grown and ultimately thrived. Remember that others are not as fortunate as you, whatever your circumstances; give what you can to them now, there’s no need to wait another month.

Remember those who have gone on before, and share a story or two about them. You are who you are in part because you knew them. (Do try to keep the tales clean, or send the kiddies out to play first.)

Celebrate the little things too. The kids, the smiles, the toast to the hostess. The dog’s crazy antics for a biscuit bottom. The way Uncle Wilbur is snoring before the second quarter, the cat riding on his chest. Just Like Always.

And above all, smile. It couldn’t hurt. There’s plenty of time later to frown, if you simply must…

Enjoy the (Thanksgiving Renewal) Heat!

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