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After Thanksgiving: Two Spicy Soups From Leftovers


The relatives came over and you fed them. Oh, you ate too! If you’re like me, you “tested” everything regularly before it found its way to the overloaded tables for the Big Meal. Then you ate again, just to be sociable; you ate so much that your I.Q. dropped to somewhere below your shoe size, and you had to watch two football games just to get enough sleep to recover.

Then you had to figure out what to do with the leftovers. Yesterday I showed a couple of ideas for some of the leftover turkey and vegetables. That cleaned out quite a bit of the fridge, and the stuff in the coolers on the back porch.

You don’t ever want to see another slice of turkey, maybe not even this time next year. But you’ve still got that plucked-over turkey carcass to do something about. It’s not something to just toss to the dogs, after all. Here’s how to use those bones:

I can’t guarantee that this soup is so wonderful that you’ll run right out and get another turkey to roast. But you might ask the neighbors if they have any stripped turkey cadavers they’re considering pitching away. Or maybe Aunt Gertrude’s got one. In any case, it’s not your grandmother’s turkey bone soup! A nice, zesty change of pace.

Sopa de Poblano

If you really, really don’t want an food that starts with the letter T, then get rid of the bird remains! Remember how, last Saturday when I shared the Poblano Cigars recipe with you, that I had you roast some extra Poblano chiles? Well, here’s a tasty way to use them up:

No turkey (oops, I said it; sorry!) in sight in this one. Just creamy green goodness. Maybe, after relaxing over a bowl of this soup and waving bye-bye to the last of the relatives, you’ll decide to do it all again next year at your house; maybe…

Enjoy the (Hearty Soup Leftovers) Heat!

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