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Before Thanksgiving: Appetizers for Football and Bribes

Thanksgiving‘s just around the corner, so to speak. Today’s the last day of the college football season for some teams, and that’s a more pressing issue for most of us. Almost no football left!

What to serve to the screaming hordes who are coming over to watch the game on your 112-inch flat-screen plasma TV? (You […]

Hot Bytes for 2008-11-21

Oh No! Fake Bacon Makes a Comeback: http://tinyurl.com/5ebefg. A more reliable harbinger of the end of civilization than the Dow-Jones… #
If You Can’t Afford Turkey This Week, Try Spam: http://tinyurl.com/62zape. Hormel is ramping up production Just For You!! #
Gravy So Good It Makes the New York Times: http://tinyurl.com/5ttq4e. #

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Friday Food Follies: Truth in Advertising Meets Chile Peppers

Ever wanted a fast-food burger that was so zesty it would blow your socks off? Well, here’s an option you may have overlooked:

Seems them peppers are Really Spicy; I’m out to get me one…

Enjoy the (Extreme Hamburger) Heat!

F4F: Tom Yam Soup Your Way

This is the last Fish 4 Friday before Turkey Day hits us in the beltline. With cold weather now affecting most of us (in North America, at least), I decided to take us back to the Tropics with a healthful, spicy dish that also fills our craving for soup:

Tom Yam Soup Your Way

This is a […]

Review: Mesa Rosa Mexican Restaurant

This entry is part of a series, Restaurants»

When my wife and I moved back to the Republic after completing our “missionary work” (four years in purgatory proselytizing to the heathens in the wilderness of Michigan, up near Santa’s house somewhere), we lived for a short while way out northwest of the city. We were […]

Food BOM for November: The Uncornered Market

I like to travel, I love beautiful photography and excellent writing, and I simply must have good food (and information about same).

This month’s Food BOM winner meets all those elements. No, let me correct myself: The Uncornered Market exceeds all those needs. By a long ways!

The Uncornered Market has a novel premise. The site owners, […]

A Tasty Fruit Chutney

I’ve always enjoyed chutneys as a condiment, but I considered them to be a kind of jam or jelly, although often more savory than American jams. Many of the U.S. brands of chutney have chunky pieces of fruit, nuts and the like in a tasty sauce, and they’re quite good.

The chutneys I savored during my […]

Spicy Steak: Tenderloin with Poblano Cream Sauce

Tenderloin steak is the queen of beef, in my opinion. (Sirloin is king, for me.) Every now and again I get a huge hankering for tenderloin on the grill.

Problem is, it’s always the same: Marinate, wrap with bacon, season and scorch. That’s it. Meat the Real Man way, minus the stick. Boring.

I won’t ever have […]