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New Year’s Eve: Party, Party, Party!

Partying at the White House isn’t as exciting as other places. We had a bodacious dominoes game, some folks were playing Magic: The Gathering on the side, and a few of us were trying out Flight Simulator X. (We re-learned the old saying about flying: “If, after you land, you need full power to taxi […]

Ringing in the New Year: Soupfest!

The White Clan will be meeting soon for our annual Soupfest. It’s a traditional feast and domino marathon, with some story-telling and such on the side. Even though there will be about 42 bowl games on the tube, we likely won’t watch any. Too much else going on!

The menu will be varied and plentiful. Chicken […]

Restaurant Review Update: Fujian Grand China Buffet Restaurant

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My father-in-law and I made a run to the Big City for “parts.” (That’s code for, we’re going stir-crazy in this ol’ Ranch house with all the kids and dogs and leftovers.) We had a few legitimate chores, but naturally we took the opportunity to eat out.

It’s […]

Warning! Warning! Foodie Blog Virus

I am a food blog virus. My sole purpose for existence is to fill up unused blogspace through the unlikely, and unwatched, portal of food blogs. I have taken over the Chile Underground for my own nefarious purposes.

Do not attempt to adjust your computer.

I am in control of the horizontal.
I am in control of the […]

An Appreciation of Boo, the Fetchingest Lab Ever

I lost a playmate today, after a fashion. The resident Black Lab at the Ranch, Boo, lost sight in her remaining good eye over the last two days. She’d been blind in one eye for a year or so. Uncontrollable glaucoma, according to the vet. She’s almost ten, as near as I can figure. It’s […]

Morning-After: What’s a Good Cure for a Feasting Hangover? Flying…

The post-feast roistering lasted into the wee hours. Beer and wine in appropriate quantities actually help me stay up late. Grad school training, I suppose. (Does this mean I’ve still got it?)

Getting a few nice presents helps too, like Flight Simulator X (with Acceleration Expansion Pack) and a Saitek ST290 Pro Joystick. I stayed up […]

The Grand Christmas Feast at the Ranch

This post is coming up Very Late. We stayed up until the wee hours of the morning, opening gifts and playing games, watching movies and more. It was so late when we got started with the Clan’s traditional Stocking Orgy Presents Opening that breakfast had to be eaten in shifts, with some revelers asleep before […]

Christmas Eve Is Here…

By now you’ve made all your preparations for Christmas. I sincerely hope so, anyway!

Look back over the past three weeks of posts here on the Underground and you’ll find a lot of ideas for food that aren’t quite the traditional dishes, at least for many folks.

If you’re brave enough to try any of these recipes, […]