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Hot Bytes for 2008-12-02

Maras Pepper From Turkey: http://tinyurl.com/67xcnn. Complex flavors from a red pepper powder? You bet… #
Roasted Chrysanthemum Onions and Chorizo Cornbread: http://tinyurl.com/6b5rpt. These look like something you should try! #
The Bloody Mary Turns 75: http://tinyurl.com/5d9t78. Drink these and maybe you could live forever! #

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Tis the Season: Hearty Party Fare

Now that we’re safely past Thanksgiving week we can forget about eating, right?

Wrong. It’s party season!

School parties, work socials, you name it. You’ll probably have to suffer through go to six or more parties in the run-up to Christmas. More if you have children, or belong to any clubs. You only get out of some […]