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Tis the Season: Hearty Party Fare


Now that we’re safely past Thanksgiving week we can forget about eating, right?

Wrong. It’s party season!

School parties, work socials, you name it. You’ll probably have to suffer through go to six or more parties in the run-up to Christmas. More if you have children, or belong to any clubs. You only get out of some of these if you’re on a deserted island surrounded by man-eating sharks. Not all, mind you…

So why not relax and make the best of it? By making some of the best snacks of the season, of course. Here are a couple of warm-up exercises, just to get the juices flowing:

The first of these are a great Texas staple, most any time of the year. Don’t settle for the breaded, deep-fried ones; too fattening! You can stuff the peppers a day ahead of time, then bring them out just before guests arrive. Let them warm to room temperature so they’ll cook properly.

The Chutney is one of many I like to serve as party dips. This one goes great with all sorts of finger snacks, because it’s both sweet and zesty.

Enjoy the (Holiday Snackfest) Heat!

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