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Tis the Season: South of the Border Wontons and Pane Salsiccia

Chips and Peppers

The Great Party Recipe Disc-Dump Sharing Continues!

The elves in the Chile Underground Test Kitchens have been extra-busy while you slept, and they quit playing dominoes long enough to find worked their tiny fingers to the bone just to check these recipes before sharing them with you! They tried them over and over too; dominoes takes energy, the way they play’em.

No need to thank the little guys; it’s what they live for, eating giving until it hurts. Besides, there’s nothing you can do for bony-fingered elves, other than hit the Donate button several times in sympathy. (Try it, you’ll find you’re a lot more sympathetic afterwards. Go ahead, try it now!)

But I digress. Today we’re uploading two great party-food recipes:

Fried wontons are great for dipping-style snacks at parties, football viewing sessions or just because you’re hungry (and your friends are too). Add a south-of-the-border flair and you’ve got somethng new to share. Pane Salsiccia is a fancy way of saying scrumptious sausage-stuffed bread. You can make lots of variations of this one!

Go party some more, so you can try these out…

Enjoy the (Stuffed Snacks) Heat!

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