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F4F: Zesty Shrimp for a Party

Shrimp and Crabmeat

Here in Texas, we like our shrimp. Large, fresh shrimp are available most of the year, and some of the best can be found during the Holidays party season.

Because I know you have a Big Party tomorrow, and you just don’t know quite what to fix (or take, if it’s a bring-in-a-dish event at a friend’s), I’ll bail you out. Here’s a dish that’s zesty enough to to get the tongue tingling without hiding the taste of the shrimp:

You can fix these a day ahead of time and chill to serve later. Or you can marinade in the afternoon, then grill them up as part of the show for your guests. An indoor grill works great for these tasty prawns. (Here in Texas, we’re not supposed to wheel our grill into the house, but it’s warm enough we can cook outside. Besides, my grill is big enough you need a truck to pull it anywhere, and my spouse frowns when I get tire tracks on the new tile floor.)

Serve them up with plenty of your favorite shrimp-dipping sauce and adult beverages, then stand back to avoid trampling.

You can turn these into a main course too; just allow a couple of skewers worth for each guest, and serve with rice and a steamed veggie. Or whatever you would serve shrimp with! These have a bit of a Thai sense to them, so going Asian is fine. Just remember to make plenty…

Enjoy the (Zip Shrimp) Heat!

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