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Tis the Season: A Little Something Different For Your Party


This time of year, parties seem to all run together and you can’t remember which one was when or where. Don’t let your party suffer this fate! The Elven Appetizers Team (EAT) at the Underground is here for you! They’ve pulled some great ideas out of the Way Back Stack in the basement. Without further ado, here they are:

Here in Texas we like our fried goodies. These are as fine as they get! Fix these snacks for your next soirĂ©e and we guarantee the guests won’t get your outstanding frolic confused with those other, more quotidian affairs.

I’ve noticed recently that avocadoes are readily available, at good prices and nice quality. Get some nice Haas ones and treat your guests to a novel taste sensation! Just remember that deep-frying can be hazardous and follow good safety practices.

Fried Dill Pickles are a personal favorite, and the dip included in the recipe is so simple to make! Of course, you can use any dipping sauce, from Sambal Oelek to Thousand Island Dressing. Set out several for the guests and they’ll quickly show you which one is their favorite.

Both of our recipes call for Emeril’s Essence or Emeril’s Southwest Essence. If you don’t have some on hand, that’s practically un-American. But easy to fix: The recipes are here

Enjoy the (Spicy Fried Appetizer) Heat!

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