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Friday Follies: Toss Another Camel on the Barbie

Toothy Camel

The camel is a noble beast. The Three Wise Men probably searched for the infant Jesus while perched on camels. We even had them here in Texas. A recent study in Australia, though, adds a new chapter to the camel’s checkered history.

It’s time to eat them!

I know, camels have been more than simply transportation in low-water environs. I even dined on camel myself, a couple years back, in an Uighur restaurant in Shanghai. The Uighurs are a Sunni Muslim ethnic population in far northwestern China, in Xinjiang Province. They wear colorful traditional clothes, they have distinctive music and beer, and they love to dance. (I still pay occasionally to get those pictures burned; damn that black beer! They must have taken a LOT of pictures.)

But I digress. Seems the Aussies have a problem with an exploding camel population. These beasties are tearing up fragile ecosystems. So time to thin out the herd! Approximately 400,000 camels have gotta go.

Better get a bigger barbie!

White Roo Baby Roo

Don’t Come Out! They’re Grilling Again!                                            Too Cute to Eat?

In related news, Aussies are also being urged to eat more kangaroo because they emit large quantities of methane. Different studies, though, say they emit almost no greenhouse gases, so Aussies should replace their cows with kangaroos. And then eat the little Skippies. Either way, the poor ‘roo is in Big Trouble. There are even full-time kangaroo harvesters now! Maybe it’s time to re-think your Christmas dinner plans…

Run Kanga!

Run, Rabbit, Run! Well, It Looks Sorta Like a Texas Rabbit, Anyways…

Enjoy the (Exotic Meat) Heat!

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