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Tis the Season: Shopping for the Clan Christmas Conclave


It’s ten days to Christmas Eve, and excitement in the Clan is growing. So is the realization that we’ve got to get our act together.

Not on gift shopping; that’s mostly done, for a wonder. No, it’s the food…

You see, there’s going to be anywhere from a dozen to twenty people out at the Ranch at any one time. From December 15th until maybe January 11th. Oh, it’ll ramp up over several days and then taper off towards the end, but still; this economy is letting more of us visit longer this year. Good news and bad news.

Do you have any idea how much food a group that large can eat in that length of time? Especially THIS group? With teenage boys and all? Sheesh.

We sat around and brainstormed ideas, recipes and timing. Then we began to build shopping lists. Chicken (several), ham, turkey, bacon, pork roasts, steaks and more; that’s just the meat. Mounds of green veggies; fixings for desserts; snacks for game time. Everybody will have a day or two in the kitchen to show off their specialties too, so lots of details have to be taken into account. Soft drinks, water, beer, wine, and a wee nip o’ the best for Granny. Nuts, pastry, pie shells, candied this and pickled that. And don’t forget the boxes of condiments!

Oh boy. That’s a LOT of food. So we decided, as many of you have, to see how to buy in bulk, but still smartly, to get the basics covered at minimum expense. Even that isn’t easy to do! I now have a greater appreciation for the value of the Quartermaster Corps. At least I’ll get to clean out the pantry this way…

Enjoy the (Shop Until You Drop) Heat!

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