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Tis the Season: Root for Vegetables!


Not everything on the Underground’s Yule Feast table is strange and different. (The diners, that’s quite another matter.) One vegetable that has to make a Holiday appearance is the humble potato. Whipped, mashed, fried, roasted, boiled or baked, the potato is too versatile to leave out.

We also like onions this time of year, and mushrooms too. Here are a trio of side dishes you might consider for a change of pace this season:

Gruyere is my favorite version of Swiss cheese, with a special taste. If you want to “dress up” the gratin, do the following: Stem, seed and mince a red Fresno chile and a green jalapeƱo. Sprinkle the gratin with the minced chiles after you put on the cheese. Yummy Christmas colors!

Baked onions are an excuse to eat a tasty filling, actually. These baked red onions are good, but what really makes the dish special is the filling! Wild rice, walnuts, apples and cheese; it’s hard to beat that combo.

Of course, we can’t really leave out our cousins to the East. They may talk funny, but they do like accordion music! And they like stuffed mushrooms. This version has just the slightest tingle. You can kick it up with some minced Serrano chile, of course. Don’t put too much, though, or you will overpower the balance of the other flavors.

I hope you get a chance to try these out! If you tell me about the Cajun Stuffed ‘Shrooms and give me a rating, I’ll send you a free Cooking Guide…

Enjoy the (Baked Veggie) Heat!

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