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Tools for Blogging: WordPress 2.7 Upgrade is Nothing to Fear


Whatever kind of WordPress blogger you are, you know that upgrading is a pain. The folks at WordPress work hard to make it otherwise; but you know better. All the regular little updates and patches only make things worse.

Well, never fear; WordPress 2.7 is here, and it’s different.

Not merely in look-and-feel; in ease of upgrade too. I have always updated my sites manually, as my hosting service didn’t have any of the updater services when I got into the blogging game. (They do now, but I’m set in me ways.) I didn’t update anything past WP 2.6.1 on any site, though I did bring some of the older ones up past WP 2.5 a while back. I wasn’t looking forward to another day of drudgery upgrading all my sites. (I’d tell you just how many that is, but then you’d schedule an intervention and I’d have to go to all those meetings.)

A couple days after WP 2.7 was announced, I read a nice piece by Lorelle on the new system. She convinced me to try, so I took my new, baby site and upgraded. I took risky shortcuts too. (Professional Blogger; Don’t Try This At Home.)

I deactivated the plugins, got rid of the old WP 2.6 files, uploaded the new files and hit the site. Total time: six minutes. I didn’t back up the database or files; the site is so new it’s only got one post, though it does have about fifteen plugins. I was told I needed a database update, and that took a second or two. It worked! It’s ALIVE! ( Manic laboratory sound effects in background, with Igor looking on.) Er, sorry; lost it there for a moment…

Only one plugin complained, and that only a little bit: Admin Management Xtended by Oliver Schlöbe. One of my favorites, though! But apparently a lot of the base functionality of that plugin is now incorporated in the interface through an option called Quick Edit, so I got a warning. I could have still used the plugin, though; maybe I’ll check that out. Later. (Note: It’s now Later, and yes, the plugin still works. And adds functionality I treasure, so I’ll leave it on for now.)

That all went so smoothly I tried another upgrade, with a bit more established site. This time, though, I backed everything up first. (After all, my momma didn’t raise but two idiots, and I got three brothers.) Yes, I recommend you back up too!

The second try was only a bit slower than the first one, as I had a phone call interruption. Still no problems, and everything works.

Finally, I got brave enough to try with the Chile Underground. After a good night’s rest and reflection, that is. I have several hundred large posts here, a couple hundred recipes, and about thirty plugins in play. What the heck, I knew I could revert, I’d done that before. I rolled up my t-shirt sleeves and dug in.

Backing up took most of the time; downloading from my host, even though I’m on a pretty big pipe here. D’loading at 8 PM was as much to blame as anything, I suppose. It gave me time to check the soup I was fixing. (Shepherd’s Soup, coming in the next Post!) After I was sure everything was securely stored away, I began to chop out the old files and put in the new ones.

I also dumped all the cache files; the Underground is the only site I have where I run WP Super Cache. I was also very careful not to lose any recipes or pictures! Then up with the new files. Cross the fingers, hit the site and pray…

Okay, the usual database upgrade request appeared; good, good. Still asking for supernatural intervention, I touched the enter key. It Worked! It’s ALIVE! ( Manic laboratory sound effects in background; no Igor this time, he’s stirring the soup…)

Everything appears to work. (If you notice something broke, leave a comment and I’ll follow up.) I looked at a source page to see that tags, etc., were behaving as I expected. Even the cache works (I think).

The moral is this: It’s an easy upgrade process this time, even going manually like I prefer.

If you’re coming from Way Back (say, before WP 2.3), you may hit some snags. Also, there are theme and plugin compatibility issues, especially if you have any plugins that deal with comments. Read Lorelle’s article (linked above) for details.

The new interface is much better, in my opinion. Organization of information is logical, and there’re more goodies on the Dashboard. They even fixed the media uploader! I’m still testing that one, but it looks okay at the moment. And I really, really needed for that function to get better, with all the recipes I upload.

In plugin news, I had to adjust the options in my WordPress Tweaks as some of those items are included in the new functionality. Also, I down-revved my Twitter Tools to version 1.2b1, as the newest version (even with the digest patch, ver. 1.5b) still wouldn’t provide me Daily Digests of my tweets. It may work for you (it does for a friend of mine), but not for me. The older version does the trick, though.

So don’t hold back from WordPress 2.7 because you think it’s gonna be a pain, or that you should wait for a bug fix. Just don’t press any keys with your fingers crossed, you could sprain something that way…

Enjoy the (WordPress Upgrade) Heat!

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3 comments to Tools for Blogging: WordPress 2.7 Upgrade is Nothing to Fear

  • A footnote: I found a plugin that doesn’t play well with WordPress 2.7. Actually, the plugin is still working fine, it’s the administration function for the plugin that’s not right. The plugin is Randomize by Anders Holte Nielsen.

    I don’t think this plugin appears in the WordPress.org database anymore, so this is a legacy problem. My issue is, about half the “fun stuff” on my sites use this plugin!

    Anybody got any ideas about what I can use instead? I use it to randomize banners, quotes, text, badges, …

  • I just switched my theme over to Atahualpa and upgraded to wordpress version 2.7.1.

    You probably have found some sort of randomizer shortly after you posted but here goes. I found Random Image Widget here:


    My sidebars are rather small now so that the pictures get re-sized. I may try to re-size the sidebars, but I am afraid of messing up the nice Atahualpa code.

    I miss Randomize too and miss having quotes on my blog. I had three different sets going. Sigh.

    Any takers?

  • Discernomatic,

    I’ve been in contact w/ the author of Randomize, he’s not going to update the code anymore. I’ve asked if he’s okay with someone else attempting an update, he said sure. He’s very nice, by the way! Just moving on from this effort into many others.

    I don’t know that I’m the right guy to try this; my coding is very rusty (to say the least). But I really, really like the functionality! I’ll look at that other randomizer too, thanks for the link.

    (I’m still using Randomize here; I have to update directly in the SQL Database, which is a Royal Pain; hurts enough I’ll quit that soon.)

    I’ll also look at Atahualpa; I’m looking for new/better themes all the time…