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Tis the Season: Spicy Holiday Ham

Ham Roast

The Big Day is fast approaching! No, I’m not talking about the Superbowl; with the Cowboys out of it, that certainly ain’t the Big Day in these parts.

No, I’m talking about that magical evening when the Fat Guy with the Toys comes sliding down your chimney and eats all your cookies. Maybe leaves you a gift or two. Or more, if you’ve been good.

Or maybe just a lump of coal.

Whatever happens, the next day is Christmas, when everybody feasts and frolics. Well, feasts, anyway. For many such meals, a big roast ham fits into the menu.

Problem is, lots of roast ham recipes are all the same. Boring.

Here’s a rescue from tedium and dissatisfaction:

This easy version adds a lot of pineapple, a fine pairing with ham. And mustard, gotta have mustard. The final addition is jalapeño chiles, to give everything a nice kick in the tastebuds.

So fix a ham this Advent, and get zinged…

Enjoy the (Jalapeño Zesty Ham) Heat!


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