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Tis the Season: Getting Buffaloed for Christmas

Bison Roast

They ranged from Canada to Texas and beyond, not so many years ago. Then they were nearly hunted to extinction. Now they’re farmed like cattle, but they are hardly domesticated. They’re the American Bison, commonly (mis)identified as buffalo.

They also taste good!

So learn something the Native Americans knew for centuries before our ancestors got here:

I’m putting this recipe up now because if you go Right Now to your specialty meats market, you’ll just have time to prep everything in time for your Christmas feast.

I said bison was tasty; I never said it was quick to prepare!

You can add potatoes and other veggies late in the process, of course. If you want celery or onions, add when you add the carrots. I like to put about a third of a cup of good, red wine in the cooking sauce too.

I love to cook with wine; I even put some in the food. Sometimes.

In short, there’s no mystery to bison roast prep, it’s simply another cut of lean meat. Dry-roasting’s not an option, but you can braise to your heart’s content. And believe me, your heart (and tummy) will be quite content after munching on this great meal…

Enjoy the (Wild West Bison) Heat!


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