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Tis the Season: Almost Here! Time to Make Desserts

Frog Eye Salad

You don’t want to be spending all your time fixing stuff on Christmas Eve, or worse yet, Christmas Day. So make these two tasty desserts well in advance:

Frog Eye Salad is the tasty dessert with the funny name. Kids go crazy for this stuff! Almost as much as adults do. This recipe makes a large amount, but any leftovers store well in the fridge. And believe me, it won’t have to last that long!

Cherry Dessert Salad is a similar concoction, but relies on cherries to bring a special, festive flavor to the party. Indeed, this stuff makes a great party salad. There’s not quite as much of this salad from the recipe as there is for Frog Eyes, and it takes less time to pull together.

You pays your nickel, and takes your choice…

Enjoy the (Sweet Dessert Salad) Heat!


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