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The Grand Christmas Feast at the Ranch

Yule Feast Table

This post is coming up Very Late. We stayed up until the wee hours of the morning, opening gifts and playing games, watching movies and more. It was so late when we got started with the Clan’s traditional Stocking Orgy Presents Opening that breakfast had to be eaten in shifts, with some revelers asleep before noon (first nap shift) and Huevos Rancheros being fixed as late as 1 P.M.

Sometimes, Christmas Day is like that.

Preparations for the Traditional Christenson Clan Yule Feast at the Ranch, typically scheduled for around 3 P.M., were somewhat delayed. To say the least. The wait was worth it, of course; The Menu:

Beach Christmas

And that’s just what I could remember. Now we’re all working on our second nap, in preparation for a rousing evening of board games and movie-watching.

Me, I’m concentrating on the pie…

Creme Pie

Enjoy the (Yule Feast) Heat!


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