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Morning-After: What’s a Good Cure for a Feasting Hangover? Flying…

Boeing 707

The post-feast roistering lasted into the wee hours. Beer and wine in appropriate quantities actually help me stay up late. Grad school training, I suppose. (Does this mean I’ve still got it?)

Getting a few nice presents helps too, like Flight Simulator X (with Acceleration Expansion Pack) and a Saitek ST290 Pro Joystick. I stayed up until about 4 A.M., I think. At least I’m convinced it wasn’t light out yet.

I flew and crashed several planes, including a Boeing 737-800, a 747-400(only 483 passengers and 12 crew aboard), a Blue Angels F/A-18 Hornet (about Mach 2 at impact), an Airbus A321, and an ultralight. I walked away from that last one, although I feel somewhat bruised this morning.

I did manage to land the 747 at Chicago O’Hare, but that’s a big, big target.

I guess there’s more to this flying stuff than it appears. At least I now know where all my disposable income is going: Add-ons to FSX!

Some of the Clan reluctantly retired from the Ranch today, leaving on a jet plane for sunny San Diego. The South Austin Gang headed north to their jobs. The beauteous PJ woke up ill, and daughterperson dutifully took her to the clinic for a shot for two. They didn’t stick her with a needle, though they did give her a massive collection of meds. She’ll be mellow for the next week.

On the food front: Leftover ham and turkey for breakfast, turkey bone soup and curry risotto to help us through the day, homemade bread for sandwiches, and stuffed ‘shrooms to “cap” (Get it? I crack me up…) off the evening. All while watching endless Hercule Poirot mysteries.

In short, a relaxing time was had by all. And I just found out that night instrument landings don’t go well when you haven’t a clue about the instruments…

Enjoy the (Lollygagging and Leftovers) Heat!


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