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Ringing in the New Year: Soupfest!


The White Clan will be meeting soon for our annual Soupfest. It’s a traditional feast and domino marathon, with some story-telling and such on the side. Even though there will be about 42 bowl games on the tube, we likely won’t watch any. Too much else going on!

The menu will be varied and plentiful. Chicken Cheese Chowder, Salsa Cruda, homemade bread and rolls, banana bread, hand-packed pickles, Gooseberry and Pumpkin Pies, Cheesecake and cookies and a whole bunch more.

My daughter and I are making two soups this year:

Central Texas has way too many Axis deer, a foreign breed that was imported decades ago and got loose. They’re a pest, and there is an open hunting season on them. They’re also much larger than our native Whitetails, so killing one provides plenty of good, lean meat. No hunter in Texas should ever have trouble filling their freezer!

This venison soup is, as we say here, “dirt-simple to make.” If you don’t have venison, use chili-grind beef or stew meat. Adjust the seasonings as you please; different meats bring different subtleties to the party

I uploaded the Portuguese Sausage Soup a while back. It’s a family favorite, and was specifically requested for this corroboree. Regardless of how much we make, there’s never any left over. We’ve used venison sausage in this soup too, and it’s an outstanding variation. Just be sure it’s link style, with plenty of garlic.

To help all the food go down, I snagged some Schmitt Söhne 2007 Riesling as lubrication. Wouldn’t want anything to stick in the ol’ craw…

Enjoy the (Massive Soupfest Social) Heat!

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