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New Year’s Eve: Party, Party, Party!


Partying at the White House isn’t as exciting as other places. We had a bodacious dominoes game, some folks were playing Magic: The Gathering on the side, and a few of us were trying out Flight Simulator X. (We re-learned the old saying about flying: “If, after you land, you need full power to taxi to the terminal, your landing gear is up.”)

We had popcorn, of course. But not the usual bland white kernels; this stuff had BBQ Rub sprinkled over it. At first it seems odd, but the bloomin’ stuff sure grows on you.

Apple, the Quaker Parakeet, was interested in the domino game. Especially trying to eat the little toy trains.

The rest of us snacked on cookies, chips, venison jerky and homemade peanut brittle. it was a tough go, but we weathered it with plenty of effort. Some folks bailed out before 10 P.M., others made it all the way to the break of the new year. The extra second added to the year was hardly noticed by anybody.

I crashed my last jet at about Oh-Thirty, so I switched the simulator off and went to bed.

Plenty of stuff to cook early tomorrow! Need to be rested…

Enjoy the (Happy New Year) Heat!

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