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Tis the Season: Almost Here! Time to Make Desserts

You don’t want to be spending all your time fixing stuff on Christmas Eve, or worse yet, Christmas Day. So make these two tasty desserts well in advance:

Frog Eye Salad
Cherry Dessert Salad

Frog Eye Salad is the tasty dessert with the funny name. Kids go crazy for this stuff! Almost as much as adults do. This […]

Hot Bytes for 2008-12-22

Hot Chiles Add to Our Cuisines: http://tinyurl.com/8gcr7q. But we already knew that… #
Bacon, Yes; Bourbon, Yes! Brownies? You Bet: http://tinyurl.com/74lur7. Three ultimate food groups… #

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Tis the Season: Getting Buffaloed for Christmas

They ranged from Canada to Texas and beyond, not so many years ago. Then they were nearly hunted to extinction. Now they’re farmed like cattle, but they are hardly domesticated. They’re the American Bison, commonly (mis)identified as buffalo.

They also taste good!

So learn something the Native Americans knew for centuries before our ancestors got here:

Bison Roast […]

Tis the Season: Spicy Holiday Ham

The Big Day is fast approaching! No, I’m not talking about the Superbowl; with the Cowboys out of it, that certainly ain’t the Big Day in these parts.

No, I’m talking about that magical evening when the Fat Guy with the Toys comes sliding down your chimney and eats all your cookies. Maybe leaves you a […]

Tis the Season: Beer for Christmas

Buy it, read it, learn and savor; ’nuff said…

Enjoy the (Santa’s Brew) Heat!

Friday Follies: Bacon, It’s Not Just for Humans Anymore

(A short post, as today’s my anniversary and I’ve gotta get something nice; or the Chile Underground will be without a pilot…)

Never trust a dog to share bacon…

Sometimes, our furry companions say it best:

You’re supposed to wait until the process is complete, though:

More Funny Animals Here…

Tis the Season: Novel Soups for the Feast

Here in Texas, we associate soups, stews and chili with cold-weather eats. Sometimes, though, we don’t invite these wonderful dishes to our Advent parties or Yule feasts.

Time to correct that…

Here are three recipes we enjoy when the weather gets wintry, and they’re not too plebian for the finest banquet:

Zuppa Etruscana
Shepherd’s Soup (Hirtensuppe)
Bierkäse Suppen

One Italian, two […]

Tools for Blogging: WordPress 2.7 Upgrade is Nothing to Fear

Whatever kind of WordPress blogger you are, you know that upgrading is a pain. The folks at WordPress work hard to make it otherwise; but you know better. All the regular little updates and patches only make things worse.

Well, never fear; WordPress 2.7 is here, and it’s different.

Not merely in look-and-feel; in ease of upgrade […]