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Follies Nouveau: Cookbooks, Gas Prices and Faulty Memory

Cook BookCan a cookbook take the top spot on the bestsellers’ list? It can, if it’s in Australia. The book 4 Ingredients sold 131,000 copies in 2007, then racked up sales of 288,000 in 2008. The sequel, 4 Ingredients 2, also racked up sales of 170,000 in 2008.

That’s a lot of cookbooks! Enough to keep Stephenie Meyer‘s popular vampire books from taking over the top slot. Seems biting is in vogue!

Another cookbook that’s making a bit of a sensation here in the States is The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Slow Cooker Cooking. Economic hard times means people change their cooking and eating habits. Saving money and eating tasty stuff can happen together, claims Ellen Brown, the author. Her book shows you how.

In other news, the cost of cooking gas will go down this year. In Rwanda, at least.

A man decided to cook a meal, then went out to celebrate on New Year’s Eve. However, he left for the party before he’d finished cooking. He returned to find a hard-working fire crew fighting the ensuing fire at his domicile. Next time, maybe he’ll set an alarm…

Enjoy the (Quirky News) Heat!

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