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Eating Better, Spending Less

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Eating healthy is now back in vogue. With the economy still sliding downhill, getting more for less money is on everybody’s mind.

So naturally, it’s time for your intrepid Chile Underground staff to jump on the bandwagon before it leaves the dock and flies off into the sunset without us…

Folks who’ve never cooked for themselves much before are now finding the attraction of preparing their own meals. There are some hitches and glitches, of course. One point that distresses some: You got to learn to eat leftovers.

That’s actually easier than you think. The first trick is, make stuff that tastes really good. The next trick, at least for us here at the CU, is to remember we HAVE leftovers. We get on a cooking kick and fill up the whole fridge at times. (I tried to hold a leftovers banquet once, but neither of my friends would come over.)

We’ve also found that taking a tasty leftover to work for lunch reduces lots of things: Stressing about when to eat, and how much will lunch cost are two. It also saves about $3-5 a day or more, which could really add up.

For instance, say you did this three times a week, and saved a total of only $10 a week. That’s still $500 at the end of the year. Now, you’re likely to have spent it (I know, you’re just like me), but at least you probably spent it on something nice.

Like spa days and massages. Or lots of Flight Simulator X add-ons. Or books for college. The possibilities are nearly endless!

So go learn to cook, especially to cook healthy, tasty dishes. Love the leftovers, and someday you’ll be as rich as Creosote

Enjoy the (Money-Saving, Healthy Meal) Heat!

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