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Dieting Texas Style, Part One

Chips and Dip

I know, I said “Never say diet.” Well, maybe I was a bit strong there. Given that most diets are destructive and don’t work, I stand by what I meant, mostly.

Still, if you must diet, why not do it the right way? The Texas way?

First off, understand that most changes in diet aimed at losing weight and getting trim require you exercise. If you already do, then great! You may want to balance your efforts towards more aerobic methods, which burn calories. If you don’t do much besides push the remote control buttons, you need to start there.

If you’re weight is stable and you don’t exercise, then simply taking up something that burns calories will drop your weight, most likely. Just don’t let your calorie intake increase as you do more. Filling, nutritious foods with the same or less energy than that takeout hamburger and fries would be a nice change too. (No, the diet Coke doesn’t cancel out all the calories from the burger-and-fries.)

GuacamoleSome foods that we eat here in Texas are flavorful and full of fat. Well, that’s not everything we eat! Take fajitas for instance (or tacos al carbon, if you prefer). They can be made tasty with spices and chiles, and the grilled onions and bell peppers don’t have to be drowned in oil to cook up nicely. Leave out the sour cream and use a low-fat cheese and you’ve probably cut half the calories out.

See how easy it is to diet? Yeah; we were amazed too.

Man does not live by fajitas alone, though. (Take it from a pro on this one.) Here are a couple of hearty dishes that you can eat as well:

Just remember: portion control is calorie control too. And eating standing up doesn’t really count as dieting…

Enjoy the (Diet Texas) Heat!

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