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F4F Returns: Cajun Tilapia

Stinky Fish

Tilapia is a fish that’s grown tremendously in popularity in recent years. It’s basically a firm white-fleshed fish that fillets well. It can also be farmed (has been for over 2,500 years now), and much tilapia that finds its way to the supermarket is grown that way. It’s native to Israel, oddly.

I know folks who say it’s too bland. Others won’t eat it, claiming it’s “trash fish.” There are ways to make it tasty, though. Even zesty.

Stephanie Gallagher of Suite101 posted a recipe last year called Cajun Tilapia. I found it, and it my usual way, modified it a little bit:

Gallagher’s recipe is quite good, but there’s too little spice for me. That’s easy to adjust! But rather than add more prepared Cajun spices, I add fresh Habañero chile.

One chile you can try that’s novel and interesting is a “mild Habañero” modified by Texas A&M. They’ve got the heat way down, below jalapeño zest on the Scoville scale, but the fruit flavors are still there.

I’ve only seen these chiles once in a grocery, and I’m looking for more…

Enjoy the (Cajun Spicy Fish) Heat!

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