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The Ten Most Important Things You Need to Learn


Borrowed From the Uncornered Market’s Banner

The Uncornered Market continues to amaze us here at the Underground. They talk food and capture their travels, but it’s a whole lot more than that.

They teach too. Philosophy, in fact. The practical kind. Useful.

If you haven’t visited them yet, please do so. Maybe you’ll find something to consider changing in your life because you read what these two, courageous “youngsters” are accomplishing. (I get to say youngster because they could be my kids. Now that I think about it, there WAS that one wild weekend back in, uh; nah, couldn’t be…)

There are ten main points in Audrey and Daniel’s recent post. And a bonus, which concerns the liquid ambrosia that drives the universe. Add in that you need to get out more, and you’ve got everything you need to win at life…

Enjoy the (Food, Travels and Views) Heat!

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