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Pace Gets Packing With New Salsas


Remember those great commercials where the cowboys (no, not THOSE Cowboys) are thinking about stringing up Cookie for feeding them salsa made in New York City? Those ads made Pace a household name outside of Texas. (They already were standard fare inside Texas, of course.)

Pace has moved on from those halcyon days. They now make a great line of jar salsas with lots of different flavors. They’re not the same ol’ recipe with different doses of spices; oh, no. These salsas are purpose-built to tingle your tongue with bold flavors from smoked paprika to mango and tequila.

I use them on everyday dishes, like eggs in the morning, or migas at mid-morning snack, or enchiladas at lunch, or just for dipping at high tea afternoon break. You get the picture. Oh, and I use the spicier ones on tamales and burritos and stuff like that, at dinnertime.

In the interest of full disclosure, I don’t own any Pace stock. Yet…

Enjoy the (Get a Rope) Heat!

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