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F4F: Trout Underground Challenge Accepted!

Speckled Trout

Our fishy imitator obscure piffling antagonist little brother Underground of the Trout variety recently offered a challenge to the best Underground site this side of Gilleland Creek.

In short, and I quote: “… you might want to brush up on your seafood recipes.”

Well, the brush is out. And the grill. And the world’s largest pile of seafood recipes! We accept the challenge…

This week’s opening salvo recipe works with almost any good-quality, mild-flavored fish fillet, like, say, trout:

Cuba may not be our friend these days, but there are a large number of folks who enjoy Cuban style food. Including me! Sofrito is a special salsa, found in lots of Latin dishes, and is especially known with Cuban dishes.

Of course, “sofrito” is a generic label; there are sofritos, and then there are sofritos. This one is made fresh, with quality vegetables, the salty goodness of capers, and plenty of spices. You can add more chiles if you want a Really Zesty version, or skip the spicy peppers if you want a mild version. Like, say, to feed your two-year-old, or a gaggle of hungry wimps trout anglers….

Enjoy the (Cuban Tasty) Heat!

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