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Friday Follies: Bacon Explosion Arrives In Time to Explode Your Diet

Bacon Explosion

From bbqaddicts.com, With Love

What is the mysterious food pictured above? Completing bacon’s meteoric descent (why do they always say “meteoric rise” ? Meteors don’t rise…) over the horizon of good taste, I present to you: the Bacon Explosion.

Take two pounds each of thick-sliced bacon and Italian sausage. (We recommend spicy, although the Underground staff denies ever repeatedly trying tasting this dish. No comment. Pass the napkins, please.) Add a jar of your favorite (zesty!) barbeque sauce and several ounces of homemade rub and you’ve got everything you need.

Big enough to feed a hungry horde, satisfying as a dinner for two, the Bacon Explosion is a truly versatile American concoction. The site gives detailed instructions with photos so you can get a head start on that bypass surgery drool as you prepare your very own.

Now that’s a heart attack just waiting to happen. No, actually I don’t think this one is waiting at all…

Enjoy the (Bacon Sausage Angioplasty) Heat!

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