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Bacon Redux: Pillows to Sweden, and More on the Bacon Explosion

Bacon PillowAh, those fun-loving Swedes. Inventors of Swedish Meatballs, Fondue and the Smörgåsbord, they have a long tradition of great food innovations over the centuries. (They used to be all about conquering the world, but they’ve given that up for civilization in the last few centuries.)

Now they’ve caught the bacon craze. And are importing Bacon Pillows. A food writer has got to ask, “What’s this world coming to?”

The Bacon Pillow is an invention of the Bacon Today website. A must-visit site if you’re a fan of the stuff. (We’re not, of course.) While there you can read about many novel uses for the best part of the porker, including bacon vodka. Surely that’s a libation mixer whose time has come!

In other bacon news, the Bacon Explosion (presented to you here on the Underground recently) even made the New York Times Dining & Wine section. Now that’s respect…

Enjoy the (Meat Candy) Heat!

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