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Friday Follies, Superbowl Edition: Too Sexy For My TV?

Hot Chile Woman

Sophie Monk and Chiles, From PETA Website

With the Superbowl only a few days away and the pregame festivities in full swing (I think ESPN is holding a 60-hour pregame show), I decided to see if there were any “sneak peeks” on some of the Superbowl TV ads.

Sure enough, there is! From PETA, no less. And it seems they went so over-the-top that NBC chose not to air their offering. Even at $50,000 $100,000 a second. Their advert, titled “Vegetable Love,” has been deemed to sexy for us all.

I’m no supporter of the fanatics over at PETA, but as you can see above, they sometimes get it right. This time, though, they’ve clearly blown it. What could they have possibly been thinking? Supermodels? In lingerie? Doing unsavory things with vegetables??

Of course no red-blooded American male would ever want to see something like that! The only reason I’m bringing it to your attention is, arguably, it’s about food. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be drooling in our beer stoop so low deign to notice…

Enjoy the (Luscious Veggie) Heat!

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