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Saturday Superbowl Predictions


It’s almost time for America to stop doing anything productive for a day and watch that spectacle that is the Superbowl. Just like reading Playboy magazine, I only watch the game for the advertisements.

My prediction: There won’t be even one advertisement that features chiles.

Sad, too, because at $3 million a half-minute (NBC’s current rate), we could use some quality entertainment. Instead, we’ll get commercials with horses doing something clever, and mud-wrestling women, or comedians getting bikini wax jobs, and flaming flatulence. And that’s just the beer ads!

Sadly, no chiles. I’m guessing, but I’m willing to put my hard-earned reputation as a chile aficionado on the line here. We’ll see; maybe I’ll have to eat groundhog crow on Feb. 2

(P.S. Steelers 24, Cardinals 14; I’m not saying, I’m just saying.)

Enjoy the (Weird Beer Ads) Heat!

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