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Friday Follies: Bacon Explosion Arrives In Time to Explode Your Diet

From bbqaddicts.com, With Love

What is the mysterious food pictured above? Completing bacon’s meteoric descent (why do they always say “meteoric rise” ? Meteors don’t rise…) over the horizon of good taste, I present to you: the Bacon Explosion.

Take two pounds each of thick-sliced bacon and Italian sausage. (We recommend spicy, although the Underground […]

F4F: Trout Underground Challenge Accepted!

Our fishy imitator obscure piffling antagonist little brother Underground of the Trout variety recently offered a challenge to the best Underground site this side of Gilleland Creek.

In short, and I quote: “… you might want to brush up on your seafood recipes.”

Well, the brush is out. And the grill. And the world’s largest pile of […]

Pace Gets Packing With New Salsas

Remember those great commercials where the cowboys (no, not THOSE Cowboys) are thinking about stringing up Cookie for feeding them salsa made in New York City? Those ads made Pace a household name outside of Texas. (They already were standard fare inside Texas, of course.)

Pace has moved on from those halcyon days. They now make […]

The Perfect Diet Food

We here at the Underground are working hard for you! We’ve found the perfect diet food: Lindt Excellence Chili Chocolate.

Well, it’s perfect, as long as you don’t eat much of it. Fortunately, because it has a nice chile kick, you don’t need much. (Take it from a pro, consuming a whole 3.5 oz bar in […]

Confessions of a Kitchenazi

Okay, so I started my New Year’s Resolutions a bit early; why wait? Besides, it was only a test run, to see if I liked it.

And I did.

I started keeping the kitchen scrupulously clean. That turned out to be a bigger challenge than I thought when I started. Years of bad habits are hard to […]

The Ten Most Important Things You Need to Learn

Borrowed From the Uncornered Market’s Banner

The Uncornered Market continues to amaze us here at the Underground. They talk food and capture their travels, but it’s a whole lot more than that.

They teach too. Philosophy, in fact. The practical kind. Useful.

If you haven’t visited them yet, please do so. Maybe you’ll find something to […]

Saturday Salmagundi: Food News You Missed

We scour the food news regularly here at the Underground. In an effort to leave no stone untossed, here are some food news bits that didn’t make it into the Follies, but are still important for your amusement entertainment edification.

For some folks, New Year’s Eve wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. A tractor-trailer […]

Friday Follies: Is Nothing Sacred Anymore?

The economy is still sliding into gloominess, and unemployment is the highest it’s been in many years. You’d think folks would be more careful about displacing workers with automation.

Okay, the food industry has been fairly bullet-proof during this downturn, with the exception of some restaurants. After all, people have to eat! But now, even the […]