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Friday Follies: How Did She Eat Anything?


Can you spell “Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?”

A woman with record-length fingernails has suffered a great tragedy. According to the AP in Salt Lake City, Lee Redmond had all her fingernails broken off when she was ejected from an SUV involved in a crash. (She had other injuries too, but she’s not worried about those.)

Those nails were in the Guinness Book of World Records! Total length, over 28 feet of nail.

The picture got me to wondering: Imagine the nail polish costs. Think about the problem of scratching your nose! (No problem scratching your back, though.) And more importantly, how did she ever eat anything?

Fingernails like that are a disability, near as I can tell. Lucky she didn’t starve to death, although she’s no plumper in the photo. (Photo by Tom Smart of AP, by the way; I hope he doesn’t mind the extra publicity.)

Maybe now she can put on a bit of weight and get a life…

Enjoy the (Hands-Tied) Heat!

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