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Restart In 3, 2, …

Watch Out, Big Dip Ahead...

It’s been a strange few months. I’d give details, but there may be impressionable children in the room…

In any case, a re-start of the Chile Underground is coming Real Soon Now. Hopefully back to full speed by June 1. We’re launching a new theme today, and we’ll be back with all your old favorites like Friday Follies, and maybe some surprises too! The site may look a bit odd in coming weeks as we replace banners and such. (If you see something broken, please post a note. Thanks in advance!) Rest assured, the Chile Underground may appear nearly dead, but we can rebuild it:

  • We have the technology.
  • We have the capability.
  • Better, stronger, faster.

In the meantime, peruse the Archived Recipes and get those drool glands exercised; great stuff is coming!

Enjoy the (Too Long Away) Heat!

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4 comments to Restart In 3, 2, …

  • I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

  • I’ll tell you, Scott, I am too! (grin)

    I’ll be easing back in with the usual, like F4F and some themed recipes. Been testing (and tasting!) a lot of new Mexican and Tex-Mex in my kitchen. Experimented tonight with a pineapple pork that was scrumptious; will write that up too!

    Any thoughts on the new theme?

  • Cool. It’s hard to imagine anyone abandoning the monster stream that blogging brings, but we’re glad to see you’re back for more punishment good food.

  • Tom, I just couldn’t walk away from the revenue; you know me.

    Actually, I’ve had more relatives in the hospital than I remember having, one even had a (mild?!) heart attack; I’ve been swamped with work (like you, but I’ve actually collected a check this year); and I’ve been working on a book project. Sleep finally ate into my blogging time. But all is cool now and I’m back! The Web will never be quite the same.

    I put up an F4F today just in your honor.

    Oh, and the dog ate my internet modem; but that’s another story…