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Friday Follies: Really Hot Pizza, and a Sinful Feast (For Your Eyes)


Like many Americans, I love pizza. I like to make my own, which is maybe not the norm these days. I also like to go to good pizzerias and get a fresh pie now and again.

However, I’m not a pizza snob. I don’t know the real difference between Chicago style pizza and New York style; it doesn’t matter to me, either. Shoot, I’ll even go to Cici’s or Gatti’s for lunch buffet, which the pizza mavens claim is like ordering Papa John’s and eating the box instead. (As much grease and cheese as leaks off the pizza from some delivery places, the cardboard may actually have more flavor.)

But I digress. This note is about a new pizza, featured by Domino’s in Taiwan and reported by Scott Roberts, among others. The hook on this version? Bhut jolokia in the topping! (As an aside, I enjoy Mr. Roberts’ site, and invite all you chileheads to bookmark him. Lots of great chile news!)

Yep, the hot sensation from Japan has made it to Taiwan in a big way. And talk about hot! Bhut jolokia has the highest rating on the Scoville scale, last I looked. This pizza must smoke on its own! It’s so hot, it probably makes Angelina Jolie look like Ugly Betty. (Or maybe not.)

The new pizza puts the chile in curry sauce to tone it down; about 5% level. They’re holding a speed-eating contest at Eslite Books on June 6, so book your flight now! They’re also sponsoring a special promotion for women; apparently the sting from this pepper makes your lips puffy, and they want “sexy” pics of the results.

Domino’s in Taiwan is holidng a drawing for a year’s supply of pizza. One pizza a day, for a year! All you have to do is order the bhut jolokia topping so it’ll still be piping hot after the two weeks’ delivery from Taipei to your house. (Unless you live in Taiwan, of course.)

In other Follies news, I stumbled across this collection of pictures. My question to you: Eye candy for caloristas, or food porn? You decide…

Enjoy the (Scorching Chinese-Italian) Heat!

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