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Friday Follies: Time For Barbeque Wars

Burgers on the Grill

CNN.com recently announced the Quest for the Best Barbeque. They’re a little late off the mark here, that Quest started long before Ulysses found out his favorite ribs joint had been burned flat at Troy, took a wrong turn and ten years later found himself in Ithaca. I’ve been to that part of New York, I know how disappointed he must have been…

But I digest, er, digress. Here in central Texas we’re sure we have the best ‘Que, so why didn’t CNN just stop here and be done with it, already. But you know the media, always gotta stir up something, even when there’s nothing there to stir.

Speaking of stirring, Chile Pepper Magazine‘s most recent issue (May 2009) is their annual Barbeque and Grilling publication. (And yes, Virginia, there is a difference.) They have over 50 sauces reviewed by various experts. Take a look if you’re wanting to branch out and try some new coatings. There’s also a pile of “the best recipes” (their words) for pork, beef and chicken on the barbie.

I’m one of those who enjoy sauces on my smoked meats, unlike the “dry meat” wusses purists. I get to try different flavors to complement the meat, the wood smoke, and the textures. I found two or three items I may put into my condiments fridge; the one that stands next to the bee fridge. (My wife says if I buy one more bottle of sauce she’s gonna leave me. I’m gonna miss her.)

In other, unrelated news, it now turns out that 30 Minute Meals aren’t fast enough. Xanthe Clay has just published a new cookbook, “10 Minutes to Table,” for those who are severely ADHD about meals strapped for time. I hope it’s got lots of pictures, I don’t have time to read anything these days.

Also, it appears that a UFO saved the world. Back in 1908, in Tunguska. It’s now been proven by a Russian scientist. It might be true, but if there was such a collision, it had to be caused by potato vodka fumes confusing the pilot as they left that big Siberian barbeque bash…

Enjoy the (Smoky) Heat!

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