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Hoity-Toity Onion Soup

Onion Soup

Yummy Image From cadc.auburn.edu

The Los Angeles Times has a substantial food section, with lots of food news, articles and recipes. There’s even a nice listing of Farmers Markets, although they tend to be found in the LA Basin and don’t extend all the way over here to God’s Country.

Anyways, last week a recipe they published caught my eye: Soupe à l’oignon gratinée. That’s a snooty uppish snobbish French fancy way of saying French Onion Soup. With cheese on top; but what other kind is there, really?

The version in the Times looks quite good too. It’s a hit at CommeÇa, a restaurant in Los Angeles that seems to get the Paris taste and feel of the dish done properly. Plenty of onions, faux veal stock (typically 1:1 or 2:1 chicken broth to beef broth or stock; concentrate it by simmering if you use broth), some wine (I love cooking with wine, even if some gets accidentally spilled in the pot) and spices. Gruyere cheese is something I’ve commented on before, and apparently even the chefs on the Left Coast now know about this one. I guess I’m more well-read than I thought!

If you’ve got a rainy afternoon to kill, try making this soup. It takes about three hours to do it right, more if you make the stock from scratch. It’s worth it, though! Just don’t tell family and friends or you won’t get hardly any…

Enjoy the (High-Falutin’) Heat!

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