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Irish Pub Grub: Fried Cheese


Is there anything better than fried cheese? (That’s a rhetorical question, of course.) Okay, a few things. Here’s an obvious one: Made-from-scratch fried cheese. Much better than that drecklich, pour-the-cardboard-chips-from-the-bag pseudocheese you get at some chain eateries.

If the cheese is something first-class, like Camembert, then the dish is Even More Better.

Carrigbyrne Farmhouse Cheese Company makes several fine cheeses, including a variant of Camembert called St. Killian. I can’t say by my own experience that St. Killian is any better than other artisan Camemberts, such as Camembert le Châtelain or HervĂ© Mons. It is the best Irish variant, according to several natives I’ve asked. Very creamy, with a fine, white rind (completely edible!), it’s the pride of Irish cheese aficionados (try working THAT word into your next cocktail party discussion!).

Cumberland Sauce was supposedly named for the 3rd Duke of Cumberland (he was also Crown Prince of Hanover at the time). It’s a thin, citrus-based sauce that’s quite good with dark or game meats. The first record of the name is in a French cookbook published in 1840; the sauce was “designed” for use with roast boar.

What’s that got to do with fried cheese? Nothing much, of course; unless you want something wonderful to dip those lovely bites of cheese into! Here’s the recipe:

You can use other fruits (or fruit jam or jelly) in place of the red currant jelly. Almost any berry jelly will work, as well as some preserves. Just don’t scrimp on the quality of the cheese you use and you’ll be fine!

Enjoy the (Easy Cheesy) Heat!

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