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More Irish Pub Grub: Beef Pepper Pot

Stew in a Pot

Stews and soups make up a goodly part of the Irish diet. Given how tasty they all are, I can see why! However, after a while they begin to seem “all the same,” especially the beef stews.

One way to avoid “suicide by sameness” on the stews is to look for specialties at some of the great public houses in Ireland. Many of them have been open for a couple of centuries or more, and they understand the concept of differentiating themselves from “the rest of the houses.” (There’s only one exception: If they use Guinness in it, then eat it. Even if it looks the same, the taste will be worth it! But that’s just me.)

We plan to visit County Cork at least one day on the Ireland Tour, and maybe we’ll even visit Ballyvourney, where the Mills Inn has been serving great pub grub since 1755. They serve a hot-pot style stew that actually uses peppers! Okay, they’re the mild ones we call bell peppers; they call them capsicum. Still, who says there are no peppers in Irish cooking? Check out these recipes:

The biscuits are wonderful with this stew, or any meal that calls for bread, actually. Served warm with fresh butter, they’re almost good enough to steal the show from the stew. Almost…

Enjoy the (Peppery Beefy) Heat!

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