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Friday Follies: A Tin Can That Cooks

The Tin Man

The man, er, robot in the picture above has every reason to be afraid. You should be afraid too! Yes, the previously human-only realm of chef-prepared goodness is being taken over. By robots…

And not just any ol’ robots either. High-tech, modern robots. From (of course) Japan. They just couldn’t leave well enough alone, apparently.


Robbie the Robot I don’t know which is more frightening: The slick blue-and-white recycled tuna packaging above, or Robbie the Robot, who caused me no end of nightmares as a kid. At least Robbie never went to Cordon Bleu School. And, he doesn’t have that one-eyed, Mike Wazowski look to him. Kinda creeps me out, that eye.

Here are the three things I think will test Mr. Fried Potato Head Robo-Chef, and if he fails we can relegate him to the dustbin of history:

  1. Perfect Pie Pastry
  2. Tom Yam Soup
  3. Crème Brûlée

Of course, I bet he’s got stamina enough to produce stiff peaks from whipped egg whites every time. So maybe, if he fails the test (and I’m betting he will), then we can convert him to making hand-cranked ice cream?

Now there’s a thought…

Enjoy the (Over-Automated Can Opener) Heat!

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