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One Last Plate of Tex-Mex, Then We Go

Mexican Food

The plane leaves in less that 48 hours for Ireland, and I’m ready to go. Well, okay, I’m not quite ready. Other than finishing a report or two, traveling home, then shopping, packing and stuff like that, though, I’m ready.

Oh, and I really, really need a Tex-Mex fix. Bad. I mean a good one. So I’m going to go to our friendly, neighborhood Casa Garcia’s Mexican Restaurant.

Casa G’s is a “local chain” of outlets in the Austin area. We’re lucky, we have two within a few minutes of our house. The food’s well-prepared and tasty, the service is good, the shop is clean and inviting; all those things you want from a family eatery. Not fancy food, but Tex-Mex isn’t really designed to be fancy. Besides, that keeps the prices down where I like them.

I’m sure we’ll have a Chili con Queso to start, and then I’ll likely enjoy the Chalupas Compuestas as my meal. Or maybe the Fajita Beef Burrito. Shoot, I’m getting hungry enough just writing about dinner that I may spring for the Fajitas. Or, since I can’t make up my mind anyway, I’ll just go for the Casa G’s Numero Uno plate and have a little of pretty much everything.

With a strawberry margarita or a Dos Equis to wash it all down and I’ll be ready to travel…

Enjoy the (Satisfying Tex-Mex) Heat!

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