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No Time to Talk, Only One More Day Before Ireland

Olive Garden

Sorry I can’t stay and chat, but we’re busy. (That’s a policy statement, don’t worry if there’s not much to actually see.) PJ had a shopping list that will, all by itself, fill at least two large checkable travel bags. And that’s just her stuff.

A little more than a week ago, PJ and I went to a camera fair sponsored by Precision Camera. She was conned into buying acquired a really nice digital SLR, a Canon EOS Rebel XSi. She’s been trying it out, and she likes it a lot. So there’s one more bag to pack.

All the rummaging and foraging made us very hungry, so we ate lunch at Olive Garden. No time to go home and fix, not in the middle of furious Questing for Stuff! I had my favorite OG meal: the all-you-can-eat salad and soup, with the Zuppa Toscana as the featured item. (I know, that combo’s not on the menu; but if you ask, they have it.) Normally I’d try out their house white wine with such a meal, but I knew I’d have enough trouble staying awake paying attention to PJ’s requirements without that; more shopping to do after lunch! So I suffered along with iced tea.

I could tell PJ’s getting more excited with each passing hour. There won’t be much sleeping around the White House tonight! I just hope she doesn’t tire herself out too much before we get there. Besides, I need my beauty sleep

Enjoy the (Just About Outa Here) Heat!

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